Friday, May 11, 2012

Race Day Motivation

 The Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon is tomorrow and I'm having a tough time finding the correct mindset, having been through this same exact process over a dozen times it should be easy.  The pain from the previous year of racing has long subsided and new year and a new race is about to unfold.  All the work has been done, the 20 mile Sunday long runs, the weekly interval work on the track and the dreaded 15 mile Tuesday run that seems to always sap the energy level for the rest of the week.  The taper was executed perfectly all the nagging signs of achilles tendonitis has long subsided and the legs feel as ready as possible.

A couple of races throughout history seem to always give me goosebumps and excited to race.  With limited research I consider the following to be the three greatest races of all time.

#3 The 1997 Ironman World Championships:

Sian Welch and Wendy Ingram, both go beyond their limits to an amazing finish.

#2 The 1989 Ironman World Championships.
Dave Scott and Mark Allen were the best of rivals and in a league of their own in the 1980's  Their rivalry has been well documented and commonly referred to as the Iron War.

#1 The 1982 Boston Marathon

Dick Beardsley and Alberto Salazar in the fabled Duel in the Sun.  The only race that everyone remembers who came in second

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